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Job Development and Retention Services

These services will be offered at the current State of Oregon OVRS rates. This includes rates for job coaching.

Community Based Work Assesment

Flat rate of $1,100
Includes site development, coaching, and a comprehensive report of customers strengths and needs.

Targeted Vocational Assesment

Flat fee of $450.
Includes individual support plan, tailored site development with a job opportunity, coaching, and a comprehensive report of customers strengths and needs. Can provide up to three working interviews.

Career Planning/Vocational Exploration

Labor Market Survey

Job Search Assistance

Career planning/Vocational Exploration is designated to assist individuals in moving towards a vocational goal that will meet their needs and desires. This can include job shadows, informational interviews, interests inventories, and labor market research. Career planning/Vocational Exploration will be offered at an hourly rate of $80 per hour.

Flat rate of $1,000
Includes comprehensive labor market report tailored to the customers needs and expectations.

Develop and execute a plan for Job Search Assistance that is individualized for the participant's job search assistance needs. This service is to take no more than 10 hours and is billed at a rate of $80 per hour.

Long Term Supports

Long term Supports are provided when individuals have successfully completed their 90-day retention services and require additional coaching supports. The level of Coaching can vary from one-on-one contact for each hour worked, to regular check ins. Rates are determined by the referring brokerage.


Discovery aims to learn more about an individual to better form and shape their Career Development Plan. Community- based activities and experiences are used to uncover a person’s skills, interests, and talents. Rates are determined by the referring brokerage.

Behavior Supports

Behavior Supports identify changes that can be made by the caregiver or within the person's environment. Services focus on support to address:

  • challenging behaviors

  • cognition processing

  • communication skills

  • self-help activities

  • impulse control

  • adaptive skills

Behavior Support Services

Mountain Crest Counseling Services is proud to announce we are now approved to provide Functional Behavior Assessments and to write Positive Behavior Support Plans for individuals requiring this service. We have been trained to provide these supports and write plans that meet Oregon Administrative Rules and APBS standards of best practice.


Positive Behavior Supports are person centered services provided to help assess risks and increase safety around behaviors and interactions. They are designed to increase dignity and respect for the individuals serviced. Positive Behavior Supports help individuals improve relationships, support longevity in home placements, and helps individuals feel better understood. Overall, these services support an increase in quality of life for the client and their family or support team. Positive Behavior Supports can increase independence and equip individuals with skills needed to engage in their relationships, daily activities, and in the community in safe and respectful ways. Through this process, we are able to identify temporary emergency safety plans, assess functional behaviors, and ultimately develop a positive behavior support plan. 


Please reach out to Kayla Beckman Taylor at (503) 347-6744 or at for more information or to make a referral. 

OVRS Services

Our purpose at Mountain Crest Counseling Services is to assist people with disabilities in partnership with the Department of Human Services. We strive to help our clients in getting and keeping a job that fits with their unique skills, interests and abilities.

Brokerage Services

In addition to working with the department of Vocational Rehabilatation, we also work with private and county brokerages in the metro area to provide additional assesment and employment related supports.

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